A penny saved, is a penny earned!

While sorting out finances may have been our most prioritized 2016’s resolution, it is also the most broken resolution of all times!

As per statistics, the average total debt per household in the UK is estimated to be around 54,636 pounds as of June 2016. With the debt amounts rising every year, it is essential to find clever ways to save more in the UK. Most cities in the country are barely ever considered to be budget friendly.

So, how can you save in a country like UK?

Well, there is certainly no magic wand to increase the zero’s in your paycheck BUT—there is always a way! Here are our top five picks for great saving ideas in one of the richest countries of the world.



It is a website that is dedicated to providing the best deals and vouchers in UK and other parts of the world. From dining out at UK restaurants to shopping or planning getaway holidays—you will find a variety of new deals on offer every day.

For now on, never pay the recommended price at your favorite restaurant. Grab exciting offers at Groupon for some great restaurant deals to munch upon!

Travel Supermarket

If you have ever wished to get throwaway prices for flights, hotels, and cars, then travel supermarket has granted your wish!

If you are due your next break, then hit up travel supermarket to compare cheap flights, hotel and accommodations along with car hire, insurance prices and some extras too! So, if you are planning a vacation months before or have a last minute escape plan—Travel Supermarket has got you all covered.

Save hundreds and thousands on your holiday instantly!


My Supermarket

Sit in the comfort of your abode and compare prices of your shopping/grocery essentials at just a click. Sounds like a dream, eh?

Well, it’s in all the truth—My Supermarket is just the place to visit where you can easily compare the prices of your chosen products from other major supermarkets. You can simply opt to pay the lowest price and save thousands in a year!


Long gone are the days where you had to struggle to get taxi/cabs/mini cabs on a rainy day. Now, getting a cab is just a click away, thanks to Minicabit !

You can get the best lowest quotes in the UK by simply entering your trip information, selecting the best quote and pay via cash or card. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. If you want to save more, plan a trip with your colleague and friends and split the cost!

Now that’s hardcore savings!

Homeaway If you are looking to save up millions in accommodations then visit Homeaway to get the best deals for cheap homes, apartments, houses to choose from a listing of millions.

You simply have to search from the listings; book your preferred abode, and make the payment—your house hunting cannot get any simpler (and cheaper!).

So, wait no longer and score on some MAJOR savings through these websites! Hurry and save up more—saving deals sell like hot cakes and who doesn’t love some fresh, hot, oven baked cakes?!