The biggest misconception about traveling is it is expensive. This makes people shun away from their dream of traveling the world. But honestly, traveling is not as expensive as you think it is. Many people have proven that a vacation abroad can be cheap. So how do they do it? Simple! They do it the S.M.A.R.T way.

So what does this mean? Here are the ways to save money when traveling

S- Seek restaurants away from touristy areas

They say do what locals do, so why not eat what locals eat? Most restaurants in touristy areas are overpriced and unsatisfying but if you look at restaurants a few blocks away, you’ll see local restaurants that offer better food for cheaper price. Another good way to spend money on food is to visit the market. Buying fruits and vegetables and cooking them yourself is relatively cheap than eating in fancy restaurants. If you are lucky, you can find delicious street foods that are super cheap. This is also a fun way to discover the country you are visiting.mountain-road-1556177_960_720M- Meet local friends

If you have friends in the country you are planning to visit, contact them. They might let you stay in their house for a couple of days. They might even tour you around the country, so that’s free tour guide for you! Local people can also help you:

  • Find the best bargain shopping areas
  • Help in haggling when buying souvenirs
  • Find the cheapest restaurants
  • Search for the fastest route to a destination

A- Arrange hotel and transportation in advance

Most airlines and hotels offer discounts if you are booking in advance. While it might be risky since, for some reason, you might end up not going; it is still better to book in advance. In booking car hire in Gold Coast Airport for example, rental companies give you competitive packages for booking early. You can also reserve the specific car you want to drive. In hotels, they might throw in a few perks like free massage, dinner or free late check-out if you book early.

R- Research for free attractions to visit

The best way to save money is to research the places you want to visit, even before getting to your destination. Visit tourist attractions that are close with each other. This can save you time and money. Also look for free places you can visit. In Sydney for example, you can visit the Art Gallery of NSW, Royal Botanic Gardens and Bronte Park by paying nothing.

T- Travel during off-peak season

Plan your vacation during the shoulder period or the off-peak season to save money. While it may be exciting to travel during the summer, many tourists set their vacation during this time so hotels and establishments are more expensive. Also you won’t enjoy it that much because of the crowd.

Now you know how to travel S.M.A.R.T, so do you still think that traveling is expensive? Well, if this article changed your views then set your vacation right away!