Travelling by ferry is a scenic and potentially cost-saving way to travel around Europe. Yet ferry tickets can vary widely, so it’s important to follow a few key strategies to keep your travel budget on task. Here are a few ways to find the best fare for your itinerary.

  1. Buy early.

If you act in advance, it’s often cheaper to travel via ferry than it is by plane. The trick is to avoid last-minute ticket purchases. Instead, plan ahead to compare prices and ports. While plane tickets go on sale fairy close to the travel date to fill any empty seats, ferry tickets often go on sale as far out as a year in advance. Even booking over 28 days ahead of your scheduled travel date will give you access to lower rates.


  1. Be flexible with time and date.

As with most travel plans, flexibility can save you cash when it comes to ferry tickets. Mid-week travel will usually be cheaper than weekend crossings, and departures at unsociable times of the night can cost less as well. If you have a bit of flexibility with your travel plans, compare slight variances in date and time to save. You could compare different ports as well. For example, lists departures in numerous Greek locations, so a short train ride on the mainland may potentially save cash if you’re touring the islands.

  1. Consider whether you need a cabin.

Another factor to consider is whether paying for a cabin could actually save you money in the long run. Compared to the cost of a hotel, sleeping on board the ferry will undoubtedly be a better deal. Sleep while you travel, and you’ll have more time to enjoy in your destination.

  1. Shell out for travel insurance.

Finally, consider purchasing travel insurance. We’ve noted that half of Brits don’t have it, which can cost you more money if anything happens. Check to ensure that your ticket can be altered if you want more flexibility without higher fees. In addition to travel insurance, you’ll probably need car insurance if you’re taking your car on board the ferry to tour around.

Taking the ferry allows you to slow down and enjoy the seaside scenery, while also potentially saving you a bundle. Be flexible with your booking and you’ll reap the benefits.