The tempestuous economic climate can sometimes make it difficult to identify the best investment opportunities. However, there are some industries that are slightly more stable than others. While all investments come with a risk, we are looking at the five industries worthy of your investment, in no particular order.

Farming & Agriculture

One industry certainly worthy of an investment is farming and agriculture. With food production required to double by 2050, it is important for every farmland acre to become more productive than ever before while producing higher yields.

The reason behind the food production increase is largely due to the world’s population, as well as a rising per capita incomes and the need to cater to Western diets, which will ultimately increase food prices.

It may, therefore, come as no surprise that agricultural land is easily becoming a wise investment, as it has the potential to provide a superb ROI with inflation protection. The likes of CA AG Investments can, therefore, embark with a private equity investment on your behalf. Crawford Park Farming AG is dedicated to providing asset diversification with an income stream.



Healthcare has become a popular industry for investment in recent years. Any investor wanting to make a smart investment with a good ROI could, therefore, consider various profitable healthcare areas, such as medical devices or the pharmaceutical industry. Many investors are therefore turning their attentions to overseas healthcare organizations, as Asia has recently seen the biggest growth.


Technology is defining the modern world, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the near or distant future. With consumers demanding the latest gadget, additional features and a varied amount of applications, it is an industry that will continue to expand and grow – and there is no reason why you cannot become part of that growth.

The biggest challenge might be to find the right gadget to invest in, as there is bound to be a considerable amount of competition on the market. What’s more, the industry can be rather fickle, as all it takes is another brand or gadget to reduce your popularity. However, if you invest in the right idea, the rewards could be significant.

Sustainable Building Materials

This might seem like a surprising investment opportunity, but it is certainly an interesting one. Due to the considerable depletion of natural building material resources, there is now a significant demand for sustainable building materials. With 82% of construction companies opting for sustainable strategies, investors could make a smart financial decision with eco-investing.

Sustainable building materials could, therefore, be categorized as recycled content, reclaimed building materials or sustainable construction resources from vacated structures. The materials could be taken from repurposed objects or old buildings, so a company will avoid destroying natural resources to create new building materials.

It is important to remember that no investment opportunity can provide a significant return on an investment or any return at all. However, the above industries certainly have the potential to provide a superb ROI, if you discover the right opportunity for your needs