If you’ve always dreamed of owning a motorcycle, but still haven’t worked up the courage to take the plunge, now is the time to do it. Motorcycle ownership is rising faster than ever (particularly amongst women), and the pros will usually far outweigh any cons, as long as you do your research and consider some helpful advice.

Here’s what you should know about owning a motorcycle:

Think about your experience

This one is particularly important for men. Overestimating your ability is a mistake, and it’s common for new riders to buy a bike with much more performance than they’re able to handle. Avoid crotch rockets, and remember that if you’re new to riding, you shouldn’t be getting anything larger than a 600cc- when you’re learning to ride a slower bike you’ll end up becoming a better rider. Not to mention, once you’ve been riding for a while and you’re a bit more experienced, you can upgrade and actually appreciate riding a faster motorcycle.
Consider your needs

Think about how you’ll be using your motorcycle. Will you be traveling long distances? Riding in a lot of traffic? Since motorcycles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s a good idea to carefully consider your needs before buying something unsuitable. If you’re just looking for a toy for the weekend, you may be able to go for something a little sexier but also uncomfortable, while this will soon get old if you’re using your motorcycle to commute to work every day.

Think about your body

This may seem like a weird tip, but it’s less obvious than it sounds. Since both bikes and human bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll soon learn that what works well and is comfortable for your friend may feel terrible for you. Try a motorcycle and take ti for a spin if possible, and you’ll soon find that each motorcycle’s ergonomic experience is different depending on the shape. While you may have your heart set on a sports bike, you could find that it strains your wrists terribly and a cruiser is far more comfortable with its easy centre of gravity and low seat.

Buy online

While you’ll want to actually try your motorcycle out and take it for a spin before you purchase it, there are a variety of parts and accessories available online that can help you save some cold hard cash when it’s time to buy your safety gear or your bike needs new parts. A few examples of parts include Metzeler tires for motorcycles, and even BikeMaster brakes, while those looking to keep themselves protected while they’re on their new motorcycle can also find speed and strength gloves, motorcycle helmets, jackets, and more.

Consider new or used

There are a few different pros and cons for both new and used bikes. While a new bike will mean a warranty, you’ll also be paying a lot for that peace of mind. Used bikes are a good option if you’re a beginner rider since they’ve already depreciated and you won’t need to be worried about that first scratch or dent.