It has been a remarkable run for the hedge fund known as Highland Capital Management. They have spent the past 26 years making enormous profits by making very wise investments for all of their clients. The company was created by two men named James Dondero and Mark Okada. This duo always had a knack for making the right decisions. They had to endure several major problems that have threatened to destroy the business that they had fought so hard to create. The 2008 financial crisis was not an easy time for the company. However, they were able to battle through it and come out on top.

Okada will be leaving the company that he helped to create before the end of the year. He said this was a very tough decision for him to make. However, he eventually decided that he wanted to spend more time with his family as he is getting older. He also does not want to deal with the very stressful schedule that he has been keeping for so many years. He had to travel a lot for his job. He says that he wants to stay closer to home. He is now serving as an advisor until new people can be selected to replace him. Co-founder James Dondero was saddened that his longtime friend and business partner had decided to call it quits. However, he agrees that Okada is smart to go out while he is still on top. Many people overstay their welcome.


What will Okada be doing with all of the free time that he now has on his hands? He has said that he would like to do more golfing. He plans on taking lessons because he wants to get better. He said that he might be enticed to come back to Highland Capital Management. However, it would be in a role that does not require as much of his time as his previous position. Okada became a sort of mascot for the company due to his numerous appearances on cable news. He was always the person that the networks would want to talk to whenever there was a major fluctuation in the stock market. He relished the opportunity to educate the masses on that very big platform.

Okada will be hanging on to the percentage of the company that he owns. He was thought by many people to be selling it when he eventually steps down from the company. However, it seems like that will not happen. He said that he has no plans to get rid of any of his company shares. This means that he still have power in the way that the company is run. This makes sense because he helped to start the company in the first place.

Okada has proven many times that he is one of the smartest, friendliest and honest executives in the world of investing. People love to work for him. That is why the staff of the company were devastated to learn that Okada would be saying goodbye forever once 2019 companies to a close. He is going out of his way to make sure the people who will take over his responsibilities when he leaves know what they are doing. He is taking this very seriously. He wants the company to thrive and prosper because he will still have a stake in the company.

Okada’s retirement officially begins a new era for Highland Capital Management. James Dondero knows that it will be impossible to replace a guy as smart as Okada. However, Dondero is very happy with the young employees that he has been working with.