Your wallet and your phone are some of your most important carry-on possessions. Though, if you are tech savvy and up to date on the latest mobile trends, your phone may as well be an extension of your wallet. After all, your phone probably contains apps like Paypal, Mobile Pay and other apps that contain sensitive information to make shopping convenient. Fortunately, Android users can protect themselves with an android antivirus like AVG. If you are worried about your phone, here is how downloading AVG will protect your phone:

Remote Tracking: Anti-virus apps like AVG can activate remote phone tracking. If your phone is stolen, but is left on, you can find your missing mobile through the app. If your phone and your wallet are stolen together, the two are likely to be in the same place if you act quickly. While confronting a thief head on is not the wisest idea, the data can help police investigators reclaim your property.


Camera Trap: In addition to tracking your phone, you have the option of the camera trap. This neat contraption takes a picture if someone tries and fails to access your phone a certain number of times. If your phone is locked, which is always a good idea, the thief is going to have to unlock the device, which is when you can catch your perp. The camera is also a useful tool to identify nosy friends or relatives who may try to snoop through your phone out of curiosity.

Remote Information Protection: If you cannot recover your stolen phone, you can at least help ensure that the thief cannot access your private information- including your financial information if you happen to bank or make purchases on your phone.

Even with the best antivirus for Android phones, you should still take basic precautions. Never leave your phone unattended. If your phone or wallet are missing, notify your bank and Credit Card Company immediately, and keep vigilant watch over your statements in the coming months.