Marketing companies in most businesses are pressured to come up with an outreach campaign that stands out from the crowd. With customers receiving so many marketing messages each day, it is challenging to attracting people’s attention without having an efficient strategy in place. Marketing automation can make this easier by enabling you to do your marketing activities in a more streamlined manner. Let’s see what marketing automation is and how it can be beneficial for your business.

What is marketing automation, and how can it help your business?

Marketing automation is the method of incorporating software into your operations that assists with performing all marketing tasks for you. It helps with identifying new customers by automating the processes that convert potential leads into sales. Automation enables your sales team to maintain a business relationship with a client by improving your existing marketing tactics.

Unlike manufacturing processes, a marketing automation system is not going to take away the jobs of your marketing staff. Rather, it will make their work more efficient while delivering upon your business goals. You can use automation to nurture your client leads throughout the sales process by sending personalised, targeted messages that resolve a customer’s barriers to purchase products.

How can marketing automation help your business?

The growth of any business depends on successfully generating customer leads. Through automation, your team receives more time to work on their marketing strategy and nurture the leads that seem interested in you. By focusing on quality, automation helps to connect you with more prospects.

You also get an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour by means of automation. There are several behaviour analysis tools that can help you to understand people’s interests and what stage of purchasing cycle they are in. This information can be used to customise marketing techniques to further encourage customer engagement.

By compiling such information, marketing automation can enable you to launch wider and more targeted marketing campaigns. These include social media posts, personalised emails, outreach messages that are trigger-based, and so on. You can also collect customer feedback and use the information to improve your marketing tactics.

How can you incorporate automation into your marketing tactics?

There are several ways in which you can organically include marketing automation in your overall marketing process. Remember that customers are the pivot for any business. Therefore, you need to use automation in a manner that will enhance the customer experience while generating revenue for your business.

You can start by integrating automation into your inbound marketing strategy. Since the latter focuses on sharing content that matches the interests and preferences of your customers, make sure that no significant changes are made to it. Automation should focus on enhancing your communication with users.

Use marketing automation to create and send targeted, informative messages to a niche audience. For instance, if you are a sports company, you could share an email about the benefits of wearing a certain type of exercise shoes. In your following email, you could write about the science involved in creating those shoes. Writing about the same product in follow-up emails helps to gauge the interest of a specific audience, such as sports enthusiasts.

Though automation can make the job of marketers easy, it is not advisable to automate your entire marketing strategy initially. Take the time to go over your marketing goals and start by automating a few areas. Remember to observe the preferences of your customers and make changes that give them satisfaction.

You can also use marketing automation to achieve a balance between retaining your existing customer base and attracting new audiences. Put yourself in the shoes of both types of audiences and think about the kinds of content that they would be interested in. Sending targeted content marketing geared toward each audience type will make them want to hear more from you, thereby fueling the growth of your business. 

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