If we whizz back in time to about 10 years ago, the High Street was booming. Saturday afternoons witnessed packed out town and cities with shoppers sifting through the rails to pick up their new clothes, shoes and accessories, but, now it’s a different story.

The growth of retail e-commerce and expansion of fashion online retailers, means more people than ever do their shopping online, shunning offline shopping in favour of staying at home and browsing from the comfort of their living room.

This has had a huge impact on postal delivery services for a variety of different industries, but especially retail companies. Here’s why retail companies are investing in their delivery services more now than ever before:


More Competition

In retail, there’s more competition than ever before. Setting up an online store is much easier and less costly than sourcing some offline premises and setting up a shop, which means there’s tons more competition for retailers in the online world. Fast fashion sites like Missguided, Boo Hoo and Pretty Little Thing with their affordable pricing and free returns policies make it easier than ever to buy online and think about the product at a later date. As a result there’s a much greater strain on couriers and the postal service to offer a wider range of delivery services and more convenient delivery times to trump the competition and make more sales.

New Methods

In order to expand their delivery services companies are continually using couriers which offer new innovative delivery methods to improve their service. Companies like Whistl offer a range of business delivery services which could be hugely beneficial to those brands who’re wanting to expand and grow with tracked and untracked services depending on your budgets, giving business an opportunity save money on their deliveries. The huge retail giants like Amazon have recently trialled drone delivery services and even delivery services directly to customers car boots, with improving convenience for customers the key aim.

International Deliveries

Another way companies are expanding their delivery services is by investing in couriers which have experience in shipping internationally. Sourcing an affordable international courier service can be a great way for businesses to expand their product range overseas and reach new markets, without it costing too much.

In the current climate, it’s more important than ever before for your business to invest in expanding your delivery offerings in order to be successful.