If you run your own business, it’s likely that you have numerous expenses, including accounting/book keeping, salaries, tax, insurance, overhead, and more. So it can be hard justifying the expense of quality office furniture when it can often seem like an old desk and chair could do the job just as well.

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However choosing the right type of furniture can be beneficial in a number of ways. While you can make short-term savings on furniture that’s on the cheaper end of the scale, these pieces also often have shorter warranties, meaning that companies will often spend more in the long run as they replace broken furniture that has exceeded its warranty period.

Employees (and business owners) who spend long hours sitting down, will often complain of back and neck pain. This is often a result of furniture that has been poorly designed, along with bad posture. An article published by Spine-Health showed that chairs that are ergonomically designed help to provide support to the back and spine of those using them, improving posture and also concentration.


Quality office furniture will also reduce long-term injuries. Good spine support provides comfort and reduces the chances of spinal discomfort, fatigue and back pain, meaning that employees have fewer sick days and are more productive while at work.

Employees who don’t end up feeling fatigued while working will generally take less unplanned leave, which decreases the rate of absenteeism- and increasing productivity over the long run. Since quality office furniture also comes in a variety of colours and styles, you can enhance the look of your office with colourful chairs, wooden chairs and desks, leather furniture and much more.


Quality office furniture doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg- check out Furniture at Work, which has a range of attractive, quality furniture options that are also affordable and offer excellent value.

If you’re a one-woman (or man) shop, it’s still important that you have quality office furniture in your home office. So often, we end up working from the kitchen or dining room table, in bed, or on the couch in the living room, and while this is fine for short periods of time, it can be damaging for people who need to be seated for the majority of the day.


For those who don’t have an entire room to devote to a home office, you’d be surprised where you can set up an office desk and chair. Choose a corner of your living room or bedroom, and put up a divider to help yourself reach a headspace that tells you you’re at work and not at home.

If you own a business that’s customer-facing, you’ll find that customers will take note of the type of furniture in your office. Comfortable seats will show customers that you value them and want them to feel welcome, and enhanced office decor will brighten up your business and make it more a more interesting and enjoyable place for both employees and clients.