Making money often seems like a challenge to many. For this reason, people around the world are looking for information that could help give them their big financial break. Although the reality is that there’s no guaranteed formula for making money, there are methods that you can try that have worked for many people time and time again. You should also know that making extra money doesn’t necessarily mean having to quit your fulltime job and run a multi-million dollar organization. On that note, you’re going to find three ways that you can make extra money in your free time in the below article.

Start an E-commerce Business

If you want to make extra money and don’t have much free time to do so, starting an e-commerce business may be a good idea. You may be wondering how that’s something that you can do in your spare time considering how expensive and time-consuming it seems! However, you should remember that e-commerce doesn’t have to be capital-intensive depending on the scale you choose to operate on. If, for instance, you opted to use a drop-shipping model, you wouldn’t need to stock or deliver items to customers which saves you both time and money. If you do opt for starting a small e-commerce business, you should ensure you have reliable drop shipping wholesalers to avoid your business crashing and burning before it starts. You will also need basic knowledge about SEO, brand building, and online marketing.


Sell Your Services

In addition to starting an e-commerce business, you could also decide to sell your services as a way of making extra money when you have free time. No matter how talentless you think you may be, everyone has something that they do particularly well. It could be organizing things, baking an incredible cake, writing a killer blog post or simply communicating with people effectively. Some services you could sell and make money from include walking people’s dogs, graphic design, photography tutoring, personal training, gardening, home organizing, as well as becoming a virtual assistant during your free time.

Become a Consultant

Sometimes, when the word consultancy arises, the first thing that comes to mind is someone with fifty years of expertise and knowledge in a particular field. However, this is a misconception as well as the reason why many people are missing out on consultancy opportunities. To become a consultant, all you’d ideally need to do is pick a niche, set up an online platform which features testimonials, choose your rates and then start to network. The good thing is that it’s something you can do during your spare time and at your own pace.

Making extra money in your free time doesn’t have to be rocket science. It will, however, often require that you stretch yourself and push yourself beyond your limits and to new heights. This is necessary if you want to make extra money and improve your finances. By doing so, you should be able to enjoy all of the perks of having multiple streams of income.