Some months can be a struggle financially. Are you tired of having to sacrifice your social life and other comforts in life because your bank balance simply won’t allow it? Well, there’s always a solution. All you have to do is be willing to give up a few hours a day to get started on a side business to earn a bit of extra cash to bring you out of the dreaded red zone. Below are 4 creative and simple ways you can make some additional cash each month.

Selling on eBay

This one may seem obvious but you’d be surprised by how much extra cash you can bring in by selling your unwanted items online. It’s simple to set up all you need is an eBay and PayPal account which are both free to join. You don’t need to invest large amounts of money in stock to get started simply have a good clear out and sell the items you no longer need or use.

All you need is about an hour a day for this so it won’t eat into your personal life and will give you a nice quick return.


Become a part time delivery driver

Do you have a bicycle, motorcycle, or van and a love for driving? Then why not become a part-time courier in your spare time. This is a really easy way to earn a lot of extra cash. You can start small by just doing deliveries in your local area and build up a reputation. Put adverts in the local newspaper or notice boards.

If you struggle to find work, you can use websites like to find extra delivery work in your area. Shiply has a similar feedback rating system and reverse auction format to eBay and matches customers with transport providers who are already making similar journeys in their area.

Get Cash Back from Shopping

This is a simple no-brainer way of making money and saving it. Websites like Swagbucks, Quidco and Shopitize allow you to save on your groceries by giving you back the money you would have saved anyway. They are also all free to join so you have nothing to lose by giving them a try.


Have you got a particular sought after skill? Sign up for Fiverr. This nifty website matches people who have certain skills with people who are willing to pay for their services. For example, if you are a pro at photo shopping you could offer to Photoshop logos or other pictures in return for a nice fee.