The Internet is an endless source of amazement. Beyond cat videos and Social Media though, the Internet is a business that can help you generate a fairly good income as well. What are some of the most popular ways people make money online? We have gathered 4 ideas you could use to make some extra cash – so read on if you want to find out more.



If you are an expert in a particular topic (be it fashion, cooking or anything else), create a blog and write about your experience to share tips with people who are interested in the same topic. Promote your blog on the social media, guest post and make it popular. Then, monetize your blog with AdWords, by affiliating it with eBay or Amazon or by selling direct ads on your site.

This might take some time to grow into a profitable activity – but, as long as you are persistent and as long as your advice is original and helpful, you stand a very good chance of doing something you love and get paid for it as well.


The Internet has opened the doors to a world full of endless opportunities – including freelancing. With sites such as upWork and Freelancer, you can find clients that need people with your skills and get paid working at home on things you actually enjoy doing. From data entry operators to Social Media specialists and from web developers to writers, the freelance world needs a wide range of skilled people – so you can definitely make some extra cash with your talent.


Start an Online Shop

Creating an online store is very easy and it doesn’t take much of an investment either. Of course, you will need to stock up on products (or sign a deal with a large warehouse that will ship the products directly to your end customer). But other than that, if the products you sell are unique and qualitative and if you are willing to spend some time and money to promote your new store, you will definitely see that this can turn into a profitable business.

Sell Photos

If you are a photographer and have a decent camera, you can sell your photos to stock websites. They don’t pay much for each of the photo, but if your pictures are good-looking and if users download them, you can make some decent extra-money from this. Don’t expect to get rich overnight and don’t expect all of your photos to be appreciated the same way – but do expect to make some cash out of this if you persevere and if you sell photos that tell a story.

Of course, these are just 4 of the ways you can make money online. There are many others – including tutoring people in your native language, completing quizzes and surveys and even trying out new products. As mentioned in the beginning, the Internet is limitless – and its opportunities are as large as the sky itself!