If you want to make money online, there are certain simple ways that you can do this. You can start by selling someone else’s product, which is called affiliate marketing. However, be mindful that this is going to take some time for you to see results. The advertising, promotion, and marketing is very thorough and needs some planning. It is like you are building a business from scratch. 

However, there are some creative ways below that you can use to make money fast and easily online. It doesn’t matter if you are a Trans sugar baby or someone who already knows how to do business online. These ideas are easy enough for anyone to try. 

Start a Podcast

If you don’t feel comfortable being on camera and you are possibly shy or don’t have enough self-confidence, then you could consider starting a podcast. There are some benefits to doing this as your audience will be listening to you and your opinion. Make sure that your podcast has a specific theme. 

For example, if you want to grab the attention of advertisers and listeners to your podcast, it is best to do this based on a specific topic such as politics, lifestyle, travel, education or any other topic that you are familiar with. Make sure the material you provide is professional and unique. It should be material that cannot be found elsewhere. Be informative, fun and engaging; possibly inviting experts that you can interview to make it more interesting. 

Sell Web Hosting Services

You can sell web hosting services online because everyone needs a website once they decide to start a business online. Join forums and other communities where business wannabes hang out so you can reach out to them. Don’t spam the forum, though. Provide value to the audience. Add to certain comments or start your own posts where you give the forum members valuable information and benefits of having a good web host. It is going to take work and commitment to be successful at this, but you can make a good living from this. 

Become A Social Media Influencer 

If you have a large social media following, you can capitalize on it; whether this is an Instagram or Facebook account. You can earn by posting sponsored ads, products, stories and videos for other followers; charging them a fee. In most cases, an Instagram story has a duration of 24 hours and you get as much as $40 or more for posting one story to your account. Some influencers make this their primary source of income after doing this for a while. 

Read Books

You can read books online to make money? How? There are sites like audible.com, which has authors that want to turn their physical books into audiobooks. As a book reader, you would post and submit audio samples of your work to showcase your reading skills. This allows authors to go through the list of book readers and choose from the sample audios they have submitted. It is like an audition and you are chosen based on voice, tone and other technicalities. Go through the site to learn what you need to become successful at this. 

Website Design

Are you good at designing websites? This is an excellent and easy way to make money online. There are so many startup companies that need your service and since this is a service business, you don’t have to store any inventory. You can find your clients from various sources such as forum communities, Google search, local businesses, and from word of mouth.

 You can create a few sample websites to use for your sales material. It is no good approaching a company; indicating that you can make websites and don’t have anything to show for it. You will need a place to host your sample websites. You can get cheap hosting from sites like namecheap.com and Godaddy.com. 


If you are good at writing, you can become a Ghostwriter or Freelance Writer. There are several websites that need your services. It is best that you become a specialized writer if you want to be competitive. For example, if you know a lot about landscape design, then you could contact a company that does landscaping and has a blog that they may want to populate. Many of these companies welcome good talent and so, make sure that you have sample articles to present upon request. 

You could also become a Ghostwriter for an author. Bear in mind that you won’t get any name recognition for your work. Once you get paid, then the copy belongs entirely to the author. You may have to sign a contract prior to the agreement. 

You could start your client search by going to sites like Amazon.com and contact authors that have already had their books listed. Approach the authors by sending an email; complimenting their previous book and asking if they would like you to be a Ghostwriter for their next book project. You would be surprised at how many authors you can find that want this service. Of course, make sure you have samples of your writing. 

Sell Hot Items

Are you good at sales? You could try dropshipping and you don’t have to store inventory. You act like a distributor. The company ships the product and handles all the customer service on your behalf. Many times, these items are overseas through sites like AliExpress. There are companies that list their products on this site and these products are unavailable for any other supplier and they are cheaper than average. So, you can buy low and sell high.  For example, you can sell some hot items like rpg sex games where you look for your target audience to market to. The good news is that you can set up this business as passive income where you have an online store and send traffic to it. 

Sell Your Expertise

Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about? Do you speak a second language? Do you love to play the piano or guitar? Are you a problem solver? These are some innovative ways that you can earn money through selling your expertise and filling a high demand. There are several sites that provide a platform to do this. The best one so far is Udemy. The site allows students to register and sign up for your course.