reveals email marketing can help your business drive sales. Properly communicating with your email list is one of the best ways to drive engagement with your brand. The engagement rate for email marketing is higher than other forms of digital marketing because the average open rate of an email is nearly 22% for all industries.

However, there are a variety of email types that can have a direct influence on how much of your mailing list become customers. These are a few examples of email types you need to send your audience to improve your ROI.


  1. Case Studies

Case studies can be an incredibly beneficial piece of content in your overall digital marketing strategy. 89% of marketers believe it is incredibly persuasive because it provides social proof your email list needs to make the next step in the funnel.

When your audience sees that you have measurable results for people just like them, they will be more encouraged to purchase from you rather than your competitors. However, the difficulty with case studies is that many people will not search for them on their own. This is why it is important for your email marketing strategy to present the case studies to them, making it easier for your audience to get the information.

Your case studies don’t need to be ten pages long, and they don’t need to be complex. You can use a testimonial email that simply describes how your business has worked in the past. You can also include a link to the larger case study so the audience can get more information if they want to.

  1. Question and Answer Emails

Your potential customers will often have the same questions they need to be answered before they are willing to purchase from your company. Sending a Q&A email is an easy way to answer those questions and move your list through the sales funnel.

It is important to send Q&A emails that are specific to certain products even if you already have a Q&A page on your website because people often won’t spend time sifting through all your website pages.

There are a couple of ways to create the best Q&A email. You can either ask questions yourself or reply with more answers. Providing answers helps your business come across as one that has expertise while also providing genuine value to your audience. Linking to your sales page will also encourage more engagement while they get more information about your brand.

  1. “How to” Emails

“How to” emails are a great way to welcome your audience to your email list while also encourage them to get started with your company. Go into detail about the steps they should follow to get the most out of their relationship with you.

The goal is to encourage your audience to get used to taking action with your emails. This will increase your overall click-through rate by 96%.

It can also be particularly useful if you have new features or demos you want your audience to try for themselves while still providing value to your audience.

  1. The Free Offer

People love free things even more than they love a discount. Though it may seem counterintuitive to offer something for free if you are trying to increase your sales, offering free trials or free information can improve your sales by 75%.

Free offers can be as simple as a sample of your product or a free trial. It allows you to show off your best products while also preventing your customers from committing before they are ready. Then when you present the sale later, they will feel they have already gained a ton of value from working with your company.