With all of the attention that shared office space is getting nowadays, especially coworking spaces, it might be surprising to find that the private office is far from extinct. No, the ancient relic still is a part of Australia’s office commercial real estate market, and while many millennials have chosen to carve out new work styles, the private office still has some value in a climate where shared space is celebrated. In fact, many practices traditionally associated with the corporate set up still operate out of the private.

With the advent of serviced office providers, leasing these private offices have become more affordable. Businesses can have their entire office furnished while only having to pay for the use of the office and the equipment. Even in this day when the virtual office and coworking spaces provide professionals with some pretty trendy digs, private offices have many benefits as well.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of the private office and how this classic office solution can benefit your business.



Of the many benefits of leasing private office space having privacy has to be at the top of the most valued advantages. Those working in professions where discretion is a priority can rely on the private office to keep information confidential. Furthermore, professionals do not have to worry about others eavesdropping on conversations with clients as they can simply close the door. While outdated in a climate that promotes shared workspace, the privacy that these offices can provide is priceless, especially when dealing with sensitive situations.

Distraction-Free Space

Another benefit to the private office is that it provides workers with a place they can escape to that does not have any distractions. Australia’s coworking scene has flooded the market with a workspace that doubles as networking space as well, which can make it difficult to concentrate in a room full of people engaged in various conversations. Workers who do not thrive in those environments can escape to their private office if they need silence and solitude to finish their work.

Increased Productivity

When distractions are decreased, professionals can concentrate on the work at hand. In many cases, if you need to complete a lot of work, the private office has doors that can be closed to block out activities that interfere with work. More importantly, a closed office door lets others in the building know that you are indisposed, and without further explanation, you can continue your work. Private offices really can help certain work styles by increasing their productivity in the workplace.


With the right fit out, your private office can add polish to your business’s image. This is where serviced offices really can help businesses. Many of these offices sit in the middle of thriving business districts, which if leased through conventional methods might be out of reach for smaller businesses. Through a serviced office, however, you can lease private office space in some of the most prestigious areas in business districts that make up Australia’s urban landscapes.

Imagine sitting in your office in one of Sydney’s most prestigious buildings overlooking the city. Corporate style furnishings and floors that are polished to perfection complete the fit out. Nothing speaks to professionalism other than an office that sits in the middle of opulence and prestige.

Advantages Of Private Space

Private offices give professionals a certain amount of autonomy over their workspace. A closed door indicates that either no one is in the office or its occupants are busy, but it is potentially up to the person leasing the space to determine how much of the external environment they want to introduce into their workspace. Furthermore, this autonomy lends itself to providing professionals with the choice of deciding how much work will get done on any given day.