Having a partner with whom to share life, desires, projects and achievements is the dream of many. And it is possible that this is due to all the bombardment of romantic love constantly received through films, soap operas, love stories told in books and so on. 

For some, having a partner is like a victory in life. To have reached the goal and expectation of the whole society. To have ticked the box of lifelong obligations. In some cultures, marriage is not only desirable but necessary for the individual to be considered responsible and worthy of “respect” as an adult.

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Social contexts

Everybody has heard at least once in their lives the magic formula for “happiness”: finish university, buy a car, a house, get married and have children… Familiar, right?

There is a tendency to typecast people and their life projects. It’s as if everyone needs the same thing to be happy. But to what extent is this true?

Research shows that single people earn less than people with a partner

A US study has found that single adults earn less on average than those in a relationship. In other words, having a steady partner can mean having a better job or a more representative position and, consequently, a higher salary.

When we look at history, and some important men who had great women by their side, such as Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr, a parallel can be drawn between the possible causes of this result.

1- Being in a couple can mean having more ambitious projects.

When one is in a couple, projects are generally bigger and more long-term… life is shared and so are dreams.

2- There is more support and motivation

One of the reasons may also be the support from having a stable relationship. Even if someone has had a bad day at work, by having a supportive partner, they know that when they get home they will talk and that back-up can lead to positive results in terms of motivation and peace of mind in their professional life.

3- The bigger the family, the higher the expenses

Some companies may also prefer employees with a partner, so in the end, the bigger the family, the higher the costs, not to mention the responsibility of often being the only source of income for the whole household, which can make people work harder and push themselves more.

4- People in a partnership take fewer risks

In this sense, people in stable relationships tend to avoid very abrupt changes, such as moving jobs, cities, etc., because this would represent a change in the partner’s life as well, so it tends to be a much more difficult decision to make and carry out. In business terms, it could mean that these people tend less often to leave their job and are therefore more loyal to the company they work for.

5- Social image

As mentioned above, a partner, especially if it is a stable and happy relationship, conveys an image of emotional and life stability, which when it comes to leadership positions and trust, can score important points against other potential candidates.

But does it always work like this?

The answer is no. People are different and their approach to work and their professional life is also varied. Not necessarily, a single person will have a lower level of income than a married person, since the meaning they give to their life and career may be different.

There are also single people who are more dedicated to their careers, since they do not have many worries about their emotional life, and just rely on sexy escorts in Geelong for their sex related needs. For this reason, there are many examples of successful young people who do not have a partner, such as Bobby Murphy, co-founder of Snapchat, who, with millions in his account, is more concerned about dedicating himself to the app than finding a girlfriend. Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox, likewise. Young, handsome and single, Drew devotes his time to his file storage business.

The conclusion that can be drawn is that a person in a relationship will not necessarily be more committed than a single person and vice versa. There are still some taboos to be mitigated in society and perhaps this is one of them. It is true that one should be in a couple if that is one’s true desire, but using a possible partnership just as a clutch may not be the best idea in the long run and opting to contact hot Nottingham escorts to vent and have fun while single is equally as valid.