Starting up your own import and export company is a really exciting business venture to embark on. With the opportunity to make huge profits, trading internationally has huge benefits but making sure you get it right is vital. Here’s the top tips for starting up your own important and export company:

Play it Safe

When starting out, it’s a good idea to begin your trading with countries which are deemed low risk to establish yourself. Local factors can have a huge influence on your trade so countries who are going through economic difficulties or periods of political unrest are best to be avoided. To ensure financial security, start out with stable countries with a similar economic structure.


Identify a Target Market

Once you’ve identified a country to trade with see whether or not there’s a specific target market. Some products thrive in areas where others flop so it’s important to do your research to work out whether or not it’s worth reaching out to a certain area. Once you’ve found the one, build contacts in that area, put together a strategy document and stick to it.

Source a Reliable Courier

With parcel delivery being an essential part of successfully running your own import and export business, it’s crucial that you use one you can rely on. Parcels which arrive on time and in great condition give off a much better impression of your business than if a parcel arrives damaged or late. Use a service like the one offered by Parcel2go, where you can source a knowledgeable courier for the best price to guarantee great a service that won’t do too much damage to your bank account.

Risks Involved

Like all business moves, there are many risks involved when it comes to starting up your own import and export company. The financial risks involved when establishing yourself can be quite significant so it’s important to be sure your venture pays off. With the exchange rate of foreign currency regularly fluctuating it’s vital to always be aware of global events to know when and where is a good or bad time to stop trading.

Starting up your own import and export business can see risky however the potential to make a huge profit is what makes it so appealing. By following these top tips, you should be well on your way to starting up a successful international trading venture.