Traveling can be expensive, especially if you want to head overseas. But in saying that, I do think travel can also be a priceless experience. Afterall, you can learn so much about yourself and how you fit into the world by simply seeing more about the world. As such, if you have an interest in traveling I do think it’s important you scratch that itch, whether you want to travel like a backpacker, flashpacker or something in between. No matter how small or big your budget is, learning how to quickly cut costs is a great way to help you travel more often or simply to allow you to have a little more room in your budget. Here are my top 3 tips for cutting travel costs:

1. Hunt for Cheap Flights 
If you’re flying anywhere, then chances are flights are going to be a huge part of the overall expense of your holiday. Finding out how to lower your flights will go a long way in reducing the cost of your holiday, meaning you can either travel more often or travel for longer – both are good options in my opinion. You can consider flying from or to other nearby airports to reduce costs, which can often be considerably cheaper and worth the extra hassle. Likewise, booking around 12 to 6 weeks before intended departure tends to be the sweet spot for getting a good price in my opinion.

2. Eat Street Food
Eat where the locals eat – if there’s a line, there’s a chance it’s good. Avoid tourist traps filled with other tourists, if you don’t see any locals then there’s probably a reason – it could mean it’s good, but maybe overpriced. If you’re traveling to Europe for the first time, be mindful that many cafes charge a surcharge if you want to eat inside the cafe rather than taking your food to go. If the weather’s warm, why not have a picnic and save a few Euros?

3. Invest in Travel Insurance
You may think something that requires you to spend money doesn’t really belong on a list about how to save money, but the truth is if something goes wrong on your trip and you need medical assistance in a foreign country, then you’re going to wish that you had invested in travel insurance. Unless you already have health insurance with an international coverage component, then the truth is you cannot afford to not have travel insurance! You can find cheap travel insurance that provides coverage without breaking the bank, just be sure to shop around.

Do you have any tips on how to save money when you’re traveling? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!