Motorcycle OEM parts keep your bike performing at top levels with equipment specifically designed for your make and model. It’s the surest way to maintain your ride to its original form. While aftermarket parts give you the freedom and options to customize your bike, OEM parts retain the look and feel of the stock version of your Harley. You love your bike because it’s a Harley so keep it that way with the perfect replacement parts. Here are five OEM parts to consider for your ride.


Parts Unlimited Replacement Mirrors. When your original mirrors get smacked or start looking worn, these models in black finish will fit your specific machine and fit in with the rest of your bike’s style.

Late Style Gas Cap. Among the best Harley accessories for your bike, this stainless steel gas cap fits tanks from 1973-82 model years. It may require some modifications for installation.

Dunlop D401 Tires. These sleek tires keep your machine fast and capable with a choice of narrow or wide whitewalls. Buy your motorcycle tires online for great prices and discounts.

Mikuni HSR Smoothbore Carburetor Kit. The benefits of this replacement part are it increases airflow and is easy to tune. It fits specific Harley Davidson bikes. The kit includes an enlarged needle valve and float bowl, an adjustable accelerator pump and an enricher system. It uses a lighter throttle return spring and works on OEM cables.

Hardware Components. Getting the bolts and screws and other hardware components that are designed to Harley standards strengthens your machine. Don’t let a small item derail your ride and put your safety at risk. Bearings, rim locks, starter drives and other parts by Parts Unlimited are manufactured to keep your machine in top shape.

Your Harley deserves the best. Motorcycle OEM parts give you extra confidence as you head down the pavement.