When we think of budgeting our household bills, it’s usually in relation to electricity, heating and even food. But our home entertainments should also be factored in, as whether you’re signed up to the latest TV streaming service, creating playlists of your favourite summer tracks or playing some of the latest online games, they can all add up over the course of the year.

But given the explosion of digital media, there’s been some interesting offers and deals from top companies who are seeking to corner the market in this rapidly-developing area.554817931Movie and TV fans have never had it better, as several heavy-hitting brands such as Netflix and Now TV have provided special subscription services for viewing their range of content – often with a tempting one month free trial.

And Amazon Prime have special membership scheme that includes access to their music streaming service, as well an eBook lending library and a one-day delivery on products bought from their store if you fancy your goods a little more physical!15987337701_e644bc9ea5_bSerious movie buffs would be well-served by checking out MUBI’s free month offer that provides access to their specially curated arthouse movies. Whereas anime enthusiasts should definitely investigate Viewster’s free range of niche TV and movie entertainment – as long as you don’t mind the ad breaks.

Gamers can also take advantage of some pretty tempting offers with even Microsoft offering a special Games with Gold scheme that treats Gold Level members of their Xbox Live community with monthly reissues of old games to ensure that you’re never short of a little more Xbox gaming fun.maxresdefault (1)There are also many gaming websites out there that offer free browser-based games which are a great way to stay entertained without adding to your budget. Whether it’s playing the latest tower defence game at the Kongregategaming site, or checking out the long list of online games like Texas Hold’em, scratch cards, and Twin Spin slots at the Mr Smith Casino website, gaming is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy free entertainment!

And whilst many of can listen to just about any song in the world for free via YouTube, there’s a competitive selection of music streaming services that are looking to offer a comprehensive service for the discerning music fan.maxresdefault (2)Spotify was one of the first, and is still the best for its social media integration and for discovering new music, although Apple Music’s specially curated radio shows are gaining a good deal of press. Deezer is another option to check out as it’s hoped it will extend its cost-effective family plan beyond France to provide more low-cost musical entertainment.

So whether you’re a fan of casino games, cutting-edge sounds or the latest movies, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the best modern entertainment without breaking the bank!