If you’ve been wondering what to buy this year, we’ve got you covered. It seems like we’re continually being barraged by advertising through TV, social media, email, and more, and it can be overwhelming trying to find things that will actually be helpful in your day to day life.

Here are some helpful things to buy this year:

A Bluetooth speaker

If you haven’t yet invested in one of these, you’ve been missing out. With a surprisingly low price point, you can pick up an excellent speaker for less than $100 and use it for parties, road trips (when the radio doesn’t have your station), working out, and more. One of the best options is a waterproof speaker which you’re able to use in the shower, meaning you can listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts while you’re lathering up.

A fur removing broom

If you have pets who shed a lot, you may be sick and tired of dragging out the vacuum cleaner every day. Luckily, technology has stepped in to make this a problem no more, with a fur-removing broom that quickly and easily scrapes up the fur on your carpet, and can even be used for cleaning windows.


A portable USB charger

There are few things worse than having your phone die halfway through the day when you’re not near an outlet, and a portable USB charger takes care of this problem. The Anker charger is a winner here, and this teeny charger is a great addition for your purse- you can whip it out whenever you notice that battery getting low.

A foot hammock

If you work in an office or at home, you may notice that you’re continually changing positions as you try to get comfortable. The answer? A foot hammock. The hammock slides neatly under your desk, particularly if you have achy knee joints or tend to slump over when you don’t get enough foot support. You’ll also find that if you’re not getting enough sleep during the night it’s like a little vacation for your feet.

Blackout stickers

Finally, a solution for those of us who just can’t deal with that bright light from the TV or chargers at night. It turns out, if you’ve had lasik eye surgery you may be even more likely to find this annoying, so these stickers are an excellent option. Simply peel them off, stick them over the light and boom, total darkness. Winning!

Phone case

Hands up if you need a new Phone case! Most of us wait until the last possible minute before purchasing a new case, so if yours is looking a little grungy, it’s time to bite the bullet. Consider a cool wooden phone case, and if you’re someone who likes to go out without taking a big bag, the iPhone 7 plus and card holder is an excellent option. Check out the iPhone card holder as well, and the hardest part will be choosing the best option for you.