Credit repair is a necessary service in this modern age. Bad credit is ubiquitous. It is a result of an undereducated populace combined with a greedy financial sector that makes serious profits by getting more and more people to borrow money.

Bad credit can happen to anyone. Even mostly responsible credit users. Maybe you don’t pay attention to your credit report as often as you should, Maybe you missed that item, just lingering next to the one late payment from college. A collections agency that says you never paid a dental bill. And that was 6 years ago.


Obtaining credit repair services is a smart move. But the market for these companies is crowded. Where will you find the best company. Start by looking at This site,, is a great rundown, but you can read more about the company here. has over 19 years of experience and a good rating with the better business buearu. The business is focused on getting customers that want credit repair and credit monitoring all in one place. There is no contract. You can cancel the service at any point.

The set up fee is $12.95 and the monthly charge is $99.95. For that you get your credit reports pulled and stacked in a way that allows you to identify items that you want to dispute. It helps to have experts organize your credit because they can call attention to items you might have missed in the past.

credit-card-851506_960_720 works with creditors directly to change items and stay on the case until the items are removed.

What is different about is the TransUnion credit monitoring that comes with the slightly steep 99 bucks a month. If you get your credit up to snuff, but you want to make sure you don’t get into that situation again, you need to stay on top of your score. The package gives you email and text alerts when the monitoring finds significant changes in your credit. That can be valuable because it allows you to respond that much more quickly, which helps with resolution.

Will be the solution that you need? Check out my suggestion above for more information and to get more details on the company and learn how they can help bring your credit back from the dead.