Creating something new is never easy. Most often than not, you will encounter obstacles that can either make you or break you. Starting  a business is tough, making it stable is even tougher. In this day and age of modern technology, everyone is trying to make use of all available resources on the web to make things easier and convenient to consumers. Technology related business is very hard to maintain since lot of programs (not to mention programmers) are needed to keep everything working, and starting a business in the tech industry is a huge gamble as there is no instant way of knowing whether or not it’s going to click or not. Another problem that you may encounter is not having enough money to fund the business itself. The answer to this problem is venture capitalism (See? Even the solution sounds dangerous, look into their meanings and you’ll know why). It is a form of financing provided by firms to small emerging businesses considered to have high potential growth, or those who have demonstrated a notable growth in terms of annual revenue or the number of employees or both.


The endless demands from consumers also creates an endless opportunity for those who want to establish their own names in their respective fields, especially in the online industry, which made almost everything and anything accessible to consumers with just a few clicks and taps. A certain company, Momentum Ventures and its CEO Matthew Keezer, has been successful in lending support to smaller companies that have higher potential growth.

Momentum Ventures is a technology company,headed by its CEO, Matt Keezer, who has “ a clear vision and acute ability to know when to stay on course and when to shift focus” has greatly contributed to his success in the business. The company’s headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec, has been able to successfully launch seven businesses in seven attempts, since it was launched in 2007. Their perfect record started in the online streaming realm. Their portfolio has grown to include affiliate marketing program, advertisement serving platforms, and online travel. Online travel agent FlightHub, their most recognizable brand has been banking $1.5 billion annually, with more than 400 employees around the world in five global offices. Another travel site named Alio, was launched in October 2015.


WE ARE WARRIORS – Momentum Ventures identifies business models in winning online industries – industries that are having tremendous success today and show no signs of slowing down.

WE ARE STRATEGIC – The company identifies potential entry points into the industry and evaluate feasibility, ensuring that we take on businesses that we can be real competitors in and ultimately, become industry leaders in.

WE GET SHIT DONE – Passion is not optional. It may sound cliché, but this is a fact. The company tackle every business decision with enthusiasm and we live the work that we do.

A few things to remember when everything seems to be going against your plans is that, the key to surviving in this business is to have overflowing passion for what you do and knowing where to get exactly the kind of help you need to stabilize your endeavors. Know your strengths and limitations, so you’ll know what areas you should improve on. Be strategic in making decisions, and always make sure that at the end of the day you “get shit done”.