Prices for health care vary considerably around the world and in many countries can be one of the biggest monthly expenses. Health care is not something you want to be cheap with, so it’s important that you are smart about what policies you’re using and how you go about signing up for them. A few savings each year can really add up along the term of your contract. Here are my simple ways to save on health coverage.

1. Talk to a Broker

It can be overwhelming trying to sort through all the plans. Many of them have differences in the monthly costs and how much the copay will be. A health coverage broker can sit you down and compare all the options with you, helping you find the best option for you and your family. Often this service is free and the insurance company actually pays the broker for you. Call around to see if there are any good brokers in your area and ask them if there’s a fee for their service. If you can’t find any, consider finding an online comparison website that will allow you to see the key differences between companies and coverages to ensure you make the best value choice for you and your family.

2. Get the EHIC card

If you’re a UK resident and wanting to get insurance coverage for trip or life in another European country, then you should look into the EHIC card. This card can provide reduced cost health care in many countries – but you’ll need to check to see if you’re eligible to apply and eligible for where you are headed. The EHIC : European Health Insurance Card is a great way to reduce your healthcare costs if you’re eligible. You can easily apply online and have your card arriving within the next two weeks. 

3. Consider Family Plans

Often buying together allows you a cheaper rate. If you’re a family, make sure that you check to see if you’re getting the best rate based on how many plans you’re paying for. Another thing to consider, many companies offer discounted rates for people who buy insurance for their home, car and health together. This can be a great way to save a lot of money, so do the numbers and see if it’s worth combining your insurance policies to get a discount.

4. Ask Your Employer 

Many companies will offer insurance packages in addition to a salary in order to entice people to stay working with the company. If this is something your manager hasn’t offered you, perhaps you can consider negotiating a package that covers health insurance, even if you offer to pay half of the plan’s fees. If your employer is not interested in covering your healthcare costs, often they will have a partnership with a health insurance company that allows you a discounted rate, helping you to save money on your health care costs.
Health care costs can be expensive, but they’re not something you want to avoid altogether. Use these tips to save money on your health care while finding coverage that works well for you.