I love coconut oil. And I’m not the only one. The past few years has led to a huge increase in popularity for this humble little oil, and it’s an excellent oil to have in your beauty kit.

Along with being an amazing moisturiser, coconut oil is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal.

Cash Lady has some great tips for this hardworking oil. While coconut oil is solid if refrigerated or if the room is cold, it will melt in warmer weather and when you rub it into your skin, without any sticky residue.

If you’ve recently grabbed a tub of coconut oil but you’re not entirely sure what you should do with it, you’ll be pleased to know that not only does a little go a long way, but there are a number of great ways you can use it.

Organic, extra virgin coconut oil is the best kind if you’re planning to use it on your hair or skin. If you’re planning to cook with the oil, you may need to avoid extra virgin and just go for the coconut oil, since it has a super low burn temperature.

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser, and you won’t need to use any of the usual pharmacy moisturisers which are full of chemicals. Some people find that it’s great for acne, while others find it can make them break out. It’s a great way to take your eye makeup off gently, and can help reduce the appearance of any wrinkles since it keeps your skin hydrated.

If you want to reduce stubborn eye makeup, melt a little oil on your hands and gently apply it to your eyelids and along your lash line (be careful not to get it into your eyes), next, grab a warm wash cloth and hold it against your skin before wiping the makeup away.

Coconut oil is excellent for moisturising your body as well. I usually find that I’m fine to slather it on and leave it, but some people like to rub it in in the shower and have a quick rinse to get rid of the excess.

If you find that you’re continually getting ingrowns or have dry skin, coconut oil can save this problem as well. Instead of using soap or shaving foam, use coconut oil and you’ll get a great, close shave and won’t even need to moisturise.

If you’ve noticed that your hair is looking a little split, coconut oil is a great fix. While you can easily slather it into the ends of your hair (I like to do this after the gym since I’ll wash my hair later anyway), adding a few other ingredients can also help.

Honey will make the mask even more hydrating, and some people also add an egg yolk or two as well.

If you find that your ends are always getting frizzy, taken a tiny bit of coconut oil and gently dab it onto the ends. Wash your hands of any excess and then run your fingers through the lengths of your hair to distribute it before blow drying as normal.