Men’s fashion has come a long way. While it used to be that only women really followed fashion trends, this is no longer true, and men’s fashion is proving to be inclusive, comfortable, and flattering for men around the world.

This season, expect to see the good old plaid shirts make a come-back. Only this time, they’ll be seen in outerwear, along with bomber jackets and puffer jackets. For those who really like to make a statement, fur is big this season, but stick to the fake variety unless you want to have the ladies wrinkling their noses, and avoid bright colours- black or brown is fine.

For those who are a little more conservative, stick to classic and more restrained colours, and choose original and unique designs and tailoring for something a little different.

Colours are becoming brighter, and while navy, green, black, and brown have all been big, expect to see richer shades of copper and burgundy to really make clothes pop.

Many guys will be pleased to learn that grey continues to be a popular colour for menswear, and you’ll find grey denim, footwear and clothes are all going to continue on in popularity.

For cooler weather, consider a nice knitted polo, which can take you right through to winter if you layer carefully.

Heading out? The latest trend is a high-shine fabric, but there are certainly ways to tone it down. Sure, you can go for some leather pants if you’re feeling particularly smooth, but a better option is a silk shirt or leather jacket to embrace the latest trends without ending up looking over the top.

Good news for men that hated skinny jeans, they’re no longer on point. Baggy trousers are a welcome change for many guys, and has been seen in fashion shows around the world recently.

Oversized coats are also in favour, but you’ll want to spend some quality money on these, and consider cashmere or alpaca wool for touchable warmth and softness. Another interesting trend is the more touchable fabrics like velvet and suede, just be sure to only use these for a few pieces or as a decorative touch on a jacket.

The latest trend on the street is the colour white (so hard to keep clean, we know). While many guys are going for head-to-toe shades of white, there’s no reason to go overboard, so consider grabbing some white pants and a white t-shirt but break it up with dark shoes and sunglasses or a bright cap.

For shoes, desert shoes are the way to go, and you’ll see hi-top designs with thick rubber soles and laces, allowing you to get outside and be adventurous while enjoying the best possible support. These shoes look great with a graphic t-shirt and tapered jeans, and you’ll find them in a variety of colours and styles, although browns, camels and blacks seem to be the most popular this season.