Sunsets, traffic lights, a baby’s smile, your favorite binge TV show, are just a few of the millions of things you see every day. We all tend to take seeing these things for granted but it is important to realize how important it is to take care of your eyesight.

There are ways to protect and even improve your vision throughout your lifetime. Like any health routine, it takes commitment, and it’s good to know the possible expenses that might be involved. Here is the rundown on the cost of having perfect sight.


Some ways to preserve your sight simply require discipline:

  • Wearing sunglasses and a hat will protect the eyes from bright sunlight and prevent foreign objects from entering the eyes.
  • Swim and safety goggles are also essential to keep your eyes safe from chemicals and debris.
  • Resting your eyes and blinking regularly can prevent eyestrain.
  • Removing eye make-up and contacts every day reduces the chance of injuries and infections.

You may be able to improve your sight with some exercises. With the amount of things on your to-do list, it may seem odd to add an eye workout, but many exercises can be done while you’re on the treadmill or bicycle. Examples include tracing a figure eight and switching your focus from close and far objects.

Regular visits to the eye doctor are key to keeping your vision healthy. Optometrists provide basic care for your eyes, including sight tests and prescribing lenses if needed. You should visit the optometrist about every two years; unless you are older or diabetic, in which case yearly visits are best. You should also go the doctor if you have changes in vision or other concerns like halos or double vision. The cost of optometrist visits vary depending on where you live, so it’s a good idea to do some thorough research to find one that suites your budget.


If you are diagnosed with less-than-perfect vision, you will need a prescription for corrective lenses. You may decide some fashionable frames are just right. You may also choose contact lenses. Contacts have the benefit of not fogging up, not slipping down your nose, and not creating a barrier to your eyes. You’ll have to balance that against the daily care required for contacts. The cost of glasses can vary widely based on the type of frames you get; the materials from which they’re made and whether you opt for a designer pair.

A good option for some is laser eye surgery, which can save money over the long haul, and make things like swimming easier. If you consult with a doctor who performs laser surgery, he or she will help you decide if you are a good candidate. You can find the right doctor by searching your local area and finding a clinic, for example if you live in Texas you can find a LASIK center in Houston. While the costs may be high, it can definitely offset the long-term cost of frames and contact lens paraphernalia.

Having perfect eyesight is totally within your reach. Good care habits, regular doctor visits, and the right type of vision correction will ensure you never miss a single sunrise. It’s definitely worth the cost.