Money is nothing to joke around with. And while it may not bring happiness, the lack of money can definitely make you feel miserable, anxious, stressed out and it can lead you into the dark abyss of debt as well.

How to avoid that? What are the top 3 most common money mistakes you are most likely making as well? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.


You Don’t Plan Ahead

Nobody says you should be cheap. Or that you shouldn’t buy nice things every now and again. However, it is of the utmost importance that you do this in full knowledge of what you are doing it and how you are doing it. It is important that you do this according to a plan and not on the whim of a superficial “want”.

Planning ahead can get you out of a lot of financial trouble – precisely because it will allow you to stick to your budget and still enjoy life. For example, let’s say you want to travel. As long as you save money for this according to a well-established plan, you will not have to be absolutely miserable with your finances just for the sake of the trip you want to take. Instead, you will live a normal life, according to your budget and you will be able to afford making your dream come true as well.


You Don’t Make a Grocery Shopping List

OK, this is the kind of tip you must have hear a lot of times before. But there’s a very good reason we keep repeating it: it’s true. Not creating a grocery shopping list can put your finances on a toll and it can definitely affect you long-term.

Just think of it: instead of buying strictly what you need, you feel attracted to buying a lot of other things you don’t need as well. Even if you spend just $10 extra every time you do this, you will still be wasting more than $500 in one year – and just by not focusing on buying the grocery you need. Imagine just how much you would save if you made a grocery shopping list, stuck to it and maximized your savings!


You Don’t Make Smart Investments

Saving money is not the same as not spending them at all. In fact, it’s about spending them the smart way. As mentioned before, nobody says you shouldn’t be spending your money – but doing it according to a smart plan is more than recommendable.

Smart investments can be anything ranging from traveling that will enrich your knowledge to purchasing a new home heater that is more efficient than the old one. Thinking things through and analyzing what you are getting out of your purchases can be a much better option than simply saving the money and not investing them in anything.

So, next time you want to make an investment, don’t go for the cheapest product, but for the one that offers you the best Return on Investment.