As we approach the end of 2018, you’re probably thinking about New Year’s resolutions or at least the goals that you’d like to focus on in 2019. For many people, these goals are financial. If you’d like to improve your finances next year, here are some top tips to help:

Review your spending

If you haven’t examined your spending recently, now’s the time to do so. One of the best ways to improve your finances is to make the time to regularly review your spending- that way you can catch yourself if you find yourself beginning to go off track. Take a look at your spending from 2018, and look at where your money has been going. There are a number of apps that will connect to your bank accounts so you can easily spot trends and see where all those dollars and cents are going.


Look at small opportunities

While it may seem like a great idea to suddenly slash your spending, this will often just mean misery after a few months of no fun. Instead, look at small ways to cut back where you’ll barely notice. Do you really need Netflix and Hulu? Or maybe you’re paying for an expensive gym, yet you barely ever go? Lots of small changes add up, and you’re much less likely to notice these types of things.

Be smart with your money

If you have some money to save, the worst place for it is usually a savings account. That’s because the interest associated with most saving accounts won’t help you reach your goals at all. Instead, spend some time educating yourself so you can make smart money decisions. You may want to look at Meta Trader 4, a Roth IRA and other options to make your money work for you.

Focus on debt

Debt can feel like it’s taking over your life, and it can hold you back from the things you’d like to achieve- whether that’s quitting your job to work for yourself, buying a new home, or taking a career break. Credit card debt is some of the most expensive debt to have, so if you’re feeling snowed under, make 2019 the year you pay off those cards.

Make a list of all of your credit card debt. If you can, look for credit card companies that are offering an interest-free period so you can switch your debt over. This will allow you to pay more off, since you won’t be paying the interest each month- and will instead be paying down the actual balance.