As a small business, one of the biggest concerns is managing courier and delivery services. This is especially important for ecommerce businesses who need to make sure their delivery services are of the highest quality and a large portion of their budget is spent on courier services which can be really expensive. Here’s how you can save money on your courier and delivery services today:

Keep Parcels as Small as Possible

Try to make sure that the packaging you use for items fits the item as tightly as possible. When packing items in cardboard boxes it’s important to use the size nearest to the size of the item. This both makes shipping costs much cheaper and ensures that the item is much less likely to get damaged in transit.


Use Light Packaging Materials

Weight is one of the main factors which increases the cost of your postage. Although you can’t necessarily change the weight of your item, you can be in control of how heavy the packaging is. By using lightweight materials like bubble wrap and cardboard, you’ll be able to ensure the price of your postage is much lower.

Bulk Order

When it comes to ordering your packaging or deliveries, the best piece of advice is to bulk order. This is especially important for e-commerce business who regularly need to send parcels and will make huge savings. Bulk ordering saves you so much money and time as you’ll always to have the packaging in stock for new deliveries and not have to waste time organising deliveries as frequently.

Be Smart

Use the services of a company like TNT who’ll find you a great quality courier at the best price. As they deal with all of the top domestic and international couriers, whatever service you require they’ll be able to source it for you for the best possible price with the most appropriate courier for your business. It’s also important to remember to always use the most appropriate service that a particular company offer. If a parcel is not urgent, don’t waste money on a next day delivery service when you could send the parcel economy delivery and the customer will still be impressed.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to save money on your courier and delivery services, helping you to invest the money in furthering your business in other ways.