Most people love being outside, and regardless of your climate, it’s likely that you get to spend at least a little time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air while you sit in your outdoor space each year, so here are some of the biggest trends in outdoor living:

Bringing the outside in

As it gets chillier, the trend is heading towards moving the outside inside. That means expanding living rooms and using sliding glass panels that then disappear into pockets in the walls, connecting seamlessly to outdoor spaces. People want their outdoor spaces to be protected from the weather during the cooler and rainier seasons, but also want them to be as open to the outdoors as possible.

For many people living in warm cities, a priority is ensuring that the area is free from both direct sun and bugs. Screen porches with ceiling fans and nice lighting are becoming increasingly popular for this reason.


Focusing on Illumination

Whether you’re using strategically placed candles, a gas fire pit, festive string lights, lamps, or more traditional lighting options, this illumination sets the mood and allows guests to enjoy your outdoor space late into the night.

Get Colourful

Warm colours are on-trend this season, and using the colours in your outdoor space to match the colours outside is an excellent way to bring this trend to life. Mustards, rustic reds, bright oranges and other fall colours are popular at the moment, and if you don’t want to incorporate this into your walls or floor, use throws, rugs, candles, pillows and other furniture as accessories which can easily be moved around.


Use a Focal Point

Choose one area in your outdoor space as a focus so it can draw the eye. This focal point can be simple such as an oversized plant, interesting piece of furniture or piece of art, and you can use it as a talking piece or backdrop for pictures.

Get Back to Nature

A big trend in outdoor space is to bring plants and flowers indoors, making the space feel like a forest or private Eden. Look for plants that are low-maintenance, so you’ll be able to “set and forget” or even consider some fake plants (these have come a long way and can look incredibly realistic) which are great in corners or as a focus point.

Keep Comfort in Mind

It’s important to remember that while you’ll want to keep up with trends for your outdoor living space, the whole point is to have a place where you and your friends and family can comfortably gather. Consider a few cosy, deep-set seats, comfortable barstools, sofas with large pillows, or even beanbags to ensure that everyone is relaxed and comfortable and enjoying themselves.

As you can see, there are many trends in outdoor living that can be easily incorporated without costing too much money. If you’re hoping to revamp your outdoor space, be sure to give a few of them a try.