With the new year just beginning and the house likely in shambles after the partying, it’s only fair to make a few new year’s resolutions for you house to keep it looking nice as we head into 2018. And, as usual, the best resolutions are the ones that don’t leave you too out of pocket early in the year.

Check and replace your alarms

Now that your house is full of presents and leftover cooked food, it’s worth checking your alarms. It can be a pain to have to unscrew your fire and burglar alarms, but checking them is vital at the start of the year – if they don’t work, you could be in big trouble should something go wrong while cooking or an intruder decides to make an entrance.

If they aren’t working, or if you feel like you could use more, consider buying some cheap fire detectors that you can screw up around the home, add another cheap window alarm or two and maybe even throw in a few cheap dummy security cameras, just to ward off anybody considering making a move on your possessions.


Fix draughts and holes

Although the cold winter is over, there’s no reason not to patch up gaps and areas where the wind can still get in your way and make everything a bit too chilly for your liking. Some filler, drylining or even just a draught excluder can go a long way in the future, especially if we’re in for a wet and humid summer.

Plus, when the next winter rolls around, you’ll be ready for it. It’s always good to take the advantage!

Get yourself some bricks

If you’ve got a bit of garden space that you really don’t know how to use, why not build yourself something? A barbeque pit, some patio steps, or even just a border for plants – something nice to keep things looking like home when the summer comes around and you can spend more time our in the warm air.

If bricks aren’t your style, why not use some timber to build up some nice wooden fences or borders around plants, or even make a simple bench you can sit on when the summer sneaks up on us.

Refresh your inventory

The start of the year is a great time to fill up on everything you’ve used up or lost over the last 365 days. Hand tools, builder’s tools, bricks, plaster, power tools, concrete blocks – whatever you’re missing, now’s the time to get it, just as fresh stock arrives, and with the weather so cold outside there is plenty of buildings materials online.