After you have carpet installed, you need to take the time to maintain it. Otherwise, your carpet may become damaged and won’t last as long as it should. Not caring for your carpet properly may also void any warranty that it came with. Thankfully, carpet maintenance is fairly low-tech and just about anyone can do it. Here are six tips.

1) Keep An Eye on High Traffic Areas

These are places in your home that see a lot of foot traffic. Although most people will tell you not to have those spaces carpeted, this advice can be ignored – as long as you’re prepared to keep a close eye on your carpeting. You should check it regularly for signs of wear, including fraying fibers and ground in dirt and debris.

2) Always Wipe Your Feet

Wiping your feet at the door should be an ingrained habit. Place welcome mats at every exterior door, and if you have to put up signs that say “wipe your feet” to remind people, then so be it. This will prevent most dirt and debris from entering your home and ending up on the carpet. It’s even better if you can get people to take their shoes off in the foyer.


3) Vacuum Your Carpet Often

You need to get on a solid maintenance schedule where your carpeting is concerned. This means that you should vacuum it on a regular basis. Set aside a day of the week (or if you have pets or kids, several days of the week) and place the task on your calendar. You also should take care of your vacuum cleaner, including emptying the canister and changing the filters, regularly as well. The better your vacuum runs, the cleaner your carpeting will be.

4) Get It Professionally Steam Cleaned

No matter when you had your carpet installed, it could probably use a good steam cleaning. Call in the professionals and have that carpeting steamed from top to bottom. It will look much better afterward and this will add to its longevity. The price is well worth it once you realize how many years of life you just added to your carpeting.

5) Use Protecting Spray

There are carpet protection sprays that you can add to your flooring. They are designed to prevent stains from setting in. Check the can before you purchase it to ensure that you are buying the right kind for your carpeting. For example, some are made for polyester fibers, others for wool, and so on. Then, follow the instructions when applying it, and give the spray plenty of time to sink in.

6) Wipe Up Spills Right Away

The sooner you deal with a spill, the less likely it will be to turn into a stain. However, if your carpet does get stained, pull out the stain remover as soon as you can. The most important rule of carpet maintenance is to take care of any potential problems before they become larger issues.