With the value of the pound having dipped to a two-year low against both the euro and the dollar, it has never been more important to save money on holiday – particularly if you’ve forked out a fortune to take the kids during school holidays.

Exotic excursions don’t have to break the bank, however, so we’ve rounded up our five top tips on how to save a little cash when travelling in 2019:

Be flexible

When it comes to booking your exotic excursion, the key to saving money is flexibility. Be flexible with your dates, times, and flights, and watch the price of your holiday decrease dramatically. If you are booking independent travel, rather than a pre-packaged holiday, fares can vastly differ. Have rough dates in mind but be prepared to amend the specific day and time. For example, try comparing travel from a Wednesday to Wednesday with a Friday to Friday – you’ll be amazed how much prices can differ when you avoid flying at a weekend. If you’re tied to the school summer holidays, price up the latest possible dates. The last week August and the first week in September are usually significantly cheaper than July dates.


Try an indirect flight

A money-saving enterprise you’ve probably never considered is the idea of an indirect flight. If you’re not in a rush, consider a flight with a stopover, as indirect routes are often the cheaper option. You can also save money by flying out and back with different airlines, as well as different airports. Often the airport on your doorstep will be more expensive than one slightly further away, so shop around for the best deals.

Take your own food

Exotic excursions generally mean longer flight times, which could mean an expensive day for you if you’re feeding the whole family throughout the travelling day. In-flight meals can break the bank, and prices are always hiked up at airport restaurants, so make you plan ahead and pack lunches and snacks. As long as your food isn’t liquid, you’re fine to bring it on board.

Avoid baggage fees

Whilst 22KG baggage allowance per person has become the norm, this can still be difficult to stick to if you’re heading to an exotic location. Avoid those hefty baggage fees by taking a sizeable hand luggage bag – this could even be a small case! You can also wear layers to travel in, meaning your case isn’t weighed down by heavy items.

Airport taxi transfers

Without doubt, the most cost effective way to get to the airport is through Airport Taxi Transfers. Pre-booking your travel to and from the airport can save you up to 40% of your costs. These services are also highly reliable and stress-free. There’s no running for a bus with all of your luggage, relying on family members at unsociable hours, or parking your car at the airport at a hefty expense – simply an easy, low-cost airport transfer.