Technology has become a powerful tool which we take for granted, especially in business. There are so many ways in which we can communicate with people from all over the globe, as well as complete tasks digitally and store work online. If we think back around 10 years ago, the ability to complete a number of these tasks wouldn’t have even been possible, never mind time consuming. As technology and communication systems have evolved, it’s opened up new doors for how businesses can operate and how we complete day to day tasks.

Whether it’s to call someone form the other side of the world or speak to someone via social media, we take modern day technology for granted. To understand how technology and communication systems have helped improved businesses over the past decade, we thought we’d share a few of the simple processes we use today, which we’re unthinkable not so long ago.

Cost effective calling

Calling someone in a different country has been possible for many years now, however at times it was time consuming and costly. In modern day business we now have the ability to use conference call, allowing us to ring people all over the world and even include multiple people in the same conversation. Even though we use telephones to ring people in different countries, they’re also used in offices to call people in the same building or not too far away. For any entrepreneurs with a growing business it’s essential to look at phone systems from TalkTalk Business or other similar providers, who provide cost effective communication platforms.


Creating a paperless environment

It’s a common phrase now that business are “going paperless”, but what does it actually mean? Not so long ago most admin tasks were completed on paper and then filed away, but due to modern day technology, we can now complete them online and securely save them as well. When it comes to saving work we’ve completed online, we don’t think twice about doing it. Within a click of a button our work has been saved and we can access it whenever we wish. Whether it’s via iCloud, our desktop or Google Drive, we now have the ability to securely store data, documents and more without having to use paper and file them away.

Communicating online

Communicating online couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s via email, social media or Skype, there’s a whole host of platforms that can easily be accessed. Whether it’s for personal or business use, social media has a big impact on our lives. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just three of the platforms which enable us to communicate quickly, share information and images, as well as keeping up to date with news from around the world. Social media is a powerful tool which businesses use on a daily basis. Whether it’s to communicate with customers, raise brand awareness or share content, it’s had a big impact on the world of business.

Both communication systems and technology have impacted businesses massively. We wouldn’t think twice about completing some of our day to day tasks which seem so easy, but wouldn’t have been possible only a matter of years ago.