As a young adult myself, it seems logical that businesses need to have an online presence if they want to work with young adults. For many of us who are under the age of 30, we find it hard to remember a life without the internet and smart phones. We’re attached to them and rely on them for everything, from their calculator functions to finding out reviews of products and services and making buying decisions. We’re social creatures and we like to see what our friends are up to. If businesses want to target young adults or teenagers, they need to keep this in mind when designing their campaigns and marketing strategies. Ignoring the online sphere is a quick fire way to miss out on considerable business.

Why Are Young Adults Ideal Clients?
They’re a unique market: they have more available spending money than children and teens, but tend to lack some of the core expenses that adults in their late 20s and beyond deal with. Most young adults are childless meaning that they have free time to spend their money too! So if your product or services could benefit from an increase in young adult clients, then you’re going to have to really take a good look at your online presence. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re of a different generation yourself.

How to Appeal to Young Adults
It’s likely that anyone under the age of 35 will be quick to Google a new company, product or service that they’re interested in. They’ll check for a functioning and regularly updated Facebook page and maybe even check if any of their friends like the page. Personally if I service for a company and find no online presence I’m much more likely to keep searching until I find somewhere that has a professional website and social media channels. It just feels more secure to me and like the company has invested time and thought into presenting their company to the world. If you don’t have a well-developed website and social media presence, you’re missing out on potential clients and increases in income.

How do Brands Connect With Young Adults?
If you’re still feeling a little lost as to what the Internet might mean for your business or how to make the most of this online environment, then don’t worry – here’s a helpful and quick video from 4imprint that gives some interesting facts and information about connecting with young adults. Check it out now!