Although furniture and doing up your home is one of the most expensive projects you can do, it doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune. Although we can’t conclusively say that you’re going to get your dream interior without spending anything, there’s certainly ways you can minimise the cost by following a few tips and tricks.

Change Your Light Bulbs Often

Although you’re probably thinking: ‘I already do this’ you’d be surprised by how long we let our dingy light bulbs hang around for. Replacing tired bulbs with brighter, more upmarket ones really make a big difference to a room especially if you’re wanting to make it look more affluent! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, then new light fixtures work well too, maybe even cheeky chandeliers will really glam up your room – look at stylish lamps too! Although they’re not cheap, they’re a relatively inexpensive way of making your room look that bit more glamorous.

Freshen Up

It goes without saying that a fresh coat of paint will instantly improve any interior and costs next to nothing. Although light, neutral walls present a fresh and airy feel, don’t be afraid of dark colours for your walls as it can actually present a rich feel. You need to be careful though, if you do decide to go for wealthier tones for your walls contrast it with light furniture and furnishings. If you’re lucky enough to have solid or engineered wood flooring in your home, maybe it’s time to sand and refinish it?

We Love Flowers

Hanging baskets and vases can really make it look like you’ve got things together nicely. A fresh bouquet will spruce up your home straight away with hardly any effort – perhaps the kitchen table or hallway dresser?

Go Down The Curtain Route

Nearly all well to do interiors have striking, grand curtains. Although there’s nothing wrong with blinds, we recommend going for curtains if you’re really wanting to impress. If you have full length windows, then curtains that stretch from ceiling to floor works well. If you’re into sewing, then why not make your own? It’s a lot cheaper than getting them custom made and you can make them exactly as you like!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Always a classy and affluent look. Put them across from the room’s entrance to give the illusion of more space.

Pay Close Attention To Texture

This is the most effective way of adding to your interior at a nice friendly price. Tapestry cushions, silk throws, velvet trimmings…Go for colours such as royal blue and emerald green to show off a plush appearance.