When you think of diamonds, synthetic or otherwise, you might think of just their use in jewellery, but there are so many other ways that diamonds can be used in various industries. From the automative industry, through to their use in the medical field, diamonds are key components of many different processes. Due to natural diamonds cost, it can be much more economical to use synthetic diamonds in place of real diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are created in a lab with a process that mimics the natural environment that leads to diamonds, but on a much faster time scale.

Natural diamonds can take billions of years to be produced, whereas synthetic diamonds can be created in the lab within a matter of weeks. Because synthetic diamonds have the same chemical properties as natural diamonds, they’re extremely hard and withstanding. If you’re interested in learning more about synthetic diamonds, check out www.e6.com

Diamond Speaker Domes:
In extremely high quality speakers, diamonds can be used to enhance the speaker’s performance. Because diamonds are such a stiff material, making them into a thin dome means that it can vibrate rapidly, but due to the strength of the diamond, it will not lose it’s form over time.

Wear Resistant Parts:
By coating surfaces with a thin layer of synthetic diamond, it’s probably to dramatically improve the durability of an item. The process of creating a thin diamond coating is quite fascinating. The diamond is converted into a vapour that spreads an extremely thin layer on the surface of the part that is prone to wear and tear. The fact that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance makes them the perfect product to help add strength to hard wearing parts.

The Medical Industry:
Diamonds and synthetic diamonds are being used more frequently in the medical field. If you’ve ever had a radioactive treatment, then chances are diamonds could have been involved in that procedure. Some surgeons also perform surgeries with diamond knives – they are most commonly used in eye surgery. It’s quite wonderful to think something as beautiful as a diamond can actually help to save lives.

Heat Conductivity:
There are products referred to as heat sinks which are materials that absorb or transmit excess heat, which can lead to wear, tear and overall damage. Because diamond has such a high thermal conductivity – actually the highest of any material – it means that diamonds can be used to conduct heat away from areas that may be sensitive to heat or susceptible to damage.

Diamonds are often regarded as a women’s best friend, but as their extensive use implies, they may be our best friend too!